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Is cooking meant solely to feed the body or it’s a gift to humanity to enjoy art in its purest
Is always those who can adapt best to the new environment survives or those who can be a brownie? Let’s
Why do we care more about bad things when we hate being in deep sauce? Let’s make a cauliflower lasagna
Has nature got all the answers already but we can’t see the wood from the tree? Let’s make some pull
Looking for naturally sweet bite that brightens up the day? Let’s make some apple turnovers and open the door for
Should we trust in our guts and eat what we like or better to err on the side of caution?
Is eating only a habit we can’t get rid of or a fundamental necessity? Let’s whip up a quick fritatta
Is there a life beyond the next meal worth exploring or should we just go with the flow? Let’s make
Is there any difference between pizzas or all of them are created to be equally perfect? Let’s make an eggplant
What would life look like without waffles? They’ve come a long way from being a communion snack, even conquered the
Is lasagna really the best or should we give a chance to the unknown? Let’s make this naturally low carb
Is the human race doomed to perish or there’s still time to survive? Let’s make a quick Tuna casserole whilst

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