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Course Dessert Prep Time 2 minutes Cook Time 1 minute Total Time 3 minutes Servings 2 servings Calories 113 kcal
Looking for hiding vegetables from plain sight or just really into broccoli? Let’s make broccoli fritters and hide veggies no
Can we embrace mistakes or the pursuit of perfection can’t abide them in our life? Let’s make chocolate Ganache that
Servings 2 Calories 323 kcal Ingredients 1 avocado 2 cups fresh kale* 1 banana 1 cup plain Greek yogurt nonfat
Prep Time 5 minutes Cook Time 40 minutes Total Time 45 minutes Servings 6 Calories 137 kcal Ingredients 1 small
Is all food created equal or there are some more beautiful than the others? Let’s make rutabaga fries and find
Is life more than just the glimmer of light reflecting on its surface? Let’s make a noodle soup and see
Should we let our life overflow with love or refrain ourselves from vanities? It’s not a question when making a
Are tarts simplified pies created out of laziness or travelers of time without hastiness? Let’s make a strawberry tart and
Looking for some tasty sausage or just want to know where things really are from? Let’s make Kielbasa sausage as
Does picking up the wrong habit dooms our life or there is hope for a change? Let’s bake a brie
Is cooking the ultimate bastion of flavors or eating raw has its strongholds too? Let’s make fried cabbage bacon and

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