Apricot Energy Balls Vegan

Apricot_Energy_Balls_Vegan_FoodloversheavenIt only takes TWO ingredients and a few minutes and you have these amazing, vegan Apricot Energy Balls!

I had a random hankering to make some apricot balls recently, despite my intense dislike for dried fruit! I had never made them before, so I did some research. All the recipes I found had butter and condensed milk though, so I figured I would just source plant-based alternatives. I also wanted the Apricot Balls to have a lovely smooth texture.

In my first attempt, I skipped the butter but bought some soy condensed milk and they were nice. Then, I made some without any sweeteners. The apricots are sweet enough so I figured, why add sugar. Because I didn’t add a sweetener I needed less coconut, so these are quite soft. After some refrigeration, they will firm up. Enjoy!

Apricot Energy Balls Vegan

  • 1 to 1 1/2 cups of soft and juicy Mediterranean” apricots
  • ½ cup desiccated coconut

Blend the first 2 ingredients in a food processor, until they are combined and smooth in texture.
Place the additional ¼ cup of coconut onto a tray.
Roll the apricot mixture into balls, about a heaped teaspoon per ball. Place the balls onto the tray where you put the additional coconut. Shake the tray back and forth until all the balls are covered in coconut.
Serve straight away or place the apricot balls into an air tight container and refrigerate.
If you can’t find super juicy apricots” which are much stickier than normal apricots, just add a little pure maple syrup when you blend the apricots and coconut together. You may also need to coat the balls in a little water when you roll them in the additional coconut.